Our Five-Course Mandocello

We merge the best of traditional techniques for acoustic instruments, such as hide-glue construction and vintage-style brace scalloping, with modern developments, such as player-side sound ports, carbon-fiber composite reinforcements, double-tops, and our DCI-V quick break-angle neck adjustment.

All of our instruments feature hand-wound pick-ups or custom made piezo pick-ups, we make in our shop that can be customized to fit any number of sound profiles.

Our instruments offer a unique sound that can be tailored to your musically vision. Each of our instruments is a one of a kind creation we take from the log through to the finished instrument. We pride ourselves on creating instruments that are easy to play and beautiful to both look at and listen to.

In addition to our Standard Five-Course Mandocello, we offer Sound Port, Guitar-Shaped, and Reduced Scale models. Our five-course instruments are made to be played in a variety of tunings and are great for both chording and lead lines.

Hear Ralph talk about and demonstrate the Five Course Mandocello on our YouTube channel. You can also read some of customer's experiences with our instruments here. We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. guarantee.

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